Saturday, September 29, 2007

Advice taken! THANK YOU!

OK, I got some great suggestions about the quilt... I was just really aprehensive about trying the freehand quilting - I had never done it before tonight. I also think I was afraid of the satin. As for quilting the top, I really don't like just stitching in the ditch, and have always wondered if I could do other things besides straight lines... just didn't have the confidence. So, I took some confidence from the suggestions, and bit the bullet. I still have some puckering from quilting with straight lines - need to master that still... I tried the freehand quilting (something I didn't think I could do on my machine) and I really like the way I can be more creative with the quilting! A whole new world has been opened up for me!!! Anyway, here are some pix of what I ended up doing - Thank you for all of the suggestions and comments! Check it out!
I practiced the freehand quilting on some scrap fabric, then did this, holding my breath almost the whole time!:
The finished lap quilt for Gladys!

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