Thursday, September 13, 2007

Anderson's First Haircut

Wow, so today was the day...

Anderson's hair was getting tooooooo long. I had to cut it. I've known I needed to get it cut for a few weeks now, it's just been so hard to think about cutting those beautiful curls. You see, if you've never seen my son, he's really cute and has these curly wisps that come out of his blond hair like little angel's wings. He also has this impish grin... so the curls had to go. Not really because of the impish grin, but because he's been mistaken for a girl a few times too many, especially when he's wearing orange, yellow, or green. Or if he decides to put on one of his sister's many hair bows or headbands.
Anyway, his hair needed to be cut and I decided I would try to do it myself. I debated about it, I thought about taking him to a "kid cut" place... but I didn't think he would sit for a perfect stranger without a huge temper tantrum first. He's a little different than his sister in that respect. (She sat perfectly still for her first hair cut, and she loved it!) I was going to do it in the morning when he was well rested, that didn't happen... so we did it after his evening bath. Actually I thought I would cut his hair while he was in the bath - I read somewhere online that was a good idea - not for me though. He is too squirmy for sure! We moved to the Kitchen and that worked much better. I trimmed the bangs, then went to the back and chopped off the cute little curlies..... Then I trimmed up around the ears and kinda layered the back so it didn't look like a bob on the boy - that would have been horrible!!!! I also layered the sides a little, I think I actually did an OK job. I guess we'll see for sure tomorrow. He does look SO much different now. Not like my little baby, he looks more like a little boy. And his hair doesn't have any of the little curly wispyness that was there before. It's a little sad that he doesn't have them, but it was neccessary I guess. Check out the before and after pictures below...... leave a comment if you wish!

Anderson Before:::

Anderson After:::

HERE is a link to a slideshow of the whole affair!


autum said...

Anderson looks so handsome with his new cut!

Anonymous said...
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