Monday, September 17, 2007

Jean Apron

My daughter's teacher asked if I could make some aprons for her classroom... so I searched the web for some simple patterns. I ran across a great site : My Byrd House, and this woman reminded me of myself, only more organized and clearly more of a 'blogger'. Anyway, I was inspired, and decided I would make her Jean pant aprons for the kids in my daughter's class. They only needed two aprons right now, so I set out to find some jeans. I didn't have any of my own, but my husband did so I started cutting on them and made one really cute apron - it seemed a little big, and I did have to tweak a few things because I don't have rivets like the example, and I was making mine for little people. I made my first one with a pocket (to cover a knee grass stain) and I also used D rings to attach the ties, and make them adjustable. The kids in Taylor Anne's class range in age from 3-6! Quite a size range there! Anyway, I forgot to get a picture of the first one I made, and then the second I made a little differently, so I"ll have to get another picture of the first one I did up here soon... Check out this one - it's the second one, and I made it with a large divided pocket in the front, and trimmed it in navy. It's also pretty small - made primarily for the smaller set of children in the classroom. I'm thinking about making some for the teachers in the classroom too - maybe for Christmas or something.


Lucy said...

I love it! How clever. That would make the best paint apron. I used to be a pre-school teacher BTW. The D ring use is a great alternative. Great Job!

Lucy said...

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