Saturday, September 29, 2007

Need some advice!

I have been commissioned to make a lap-quilt for my MIL's Mother, Gladys, who is in a nursing home way up in Minnesota and in hospice care. She is cold a lot, and sits in a wheelchair constantly picking at her clothes. I thought I would make something with pretty pinks and greens, with several textures for her to feel with her fingers. I went to the store to look for some fabrics to use, and ran across this little quilt kit - it was perfect for what I needed. It had chenille, satin, and eyelet fabrics as well as regular quilting cotton, and a backing of flannel. I picked it up and made it yesterday, with one change - It didn't have any batting, so I added some cotton batting to it. Which brings me to my question - what should I do to it now? I have stitched in the ditch around the outer band, but don't really want to do that with the whole thing. I don't want to detract from the smooth satin, or the great texture of the eyelet or the chenille. I was thinking about tying some of the intersections, but then I also thought about doing a ribbon embroidery rose here and there, but wasn't sure about doing it at this stage on the quilt. I also think it should be somewhat washable... I need help!!!! Please leave me a comment and let me know what you would do!

Second thing -- I have this LARGE piece of polyester terrycloth fabric someone gave to me... have no idea what to do with it! It's a heathered light blue. Should I just freecycle it? What would you do with it?

Third thing - I also just realized I have a large trash bag FULL of black sheep's wool.... it's partially felted I think... it needs to be carded, I don't know what to do with it... I got it from someone intending to use it to stuff fluffy animals....... maybe I will still use it for that. I am planning to make some cute pigs for Christmas this year. Does anyone else have Ideas about what to do with the virgin, black wool?


Penny said...

Hi Em,
I am not a quilter, but maybe if you did the tie thing or if you stitched in the ditch around a few areas with your sewing machine. this will give the back of the quilt some interesting shapes to look at....

Lucy said...

Em, that is a great idea for a blanket. The problem is the batting. If the cotton batting isn't heavily quilted, it will bag and bunch and come apart. Quilted satin does feel good and bumpy and soft. You could stitch in the ditch of each square and then to do textural quilting in each square. That would add feel appeal and keep the whole thing for dieing in the wash.
I have no idea what to tell you about the terry. I have never used poly terry and don't know what it would be good for.
As for the wool. I have some too that I felted when I washed it. I bought some cards and let my kids card it. They love that! I use the wool to stuff felt projects. I also have a sister and BIL that spin and they helped me card a bit this summer and found that it was still usable and made some great nobbly yarn with it.
Hope some of that helped.

Autum said...

Hi Em,
It sounds like Lucy and Penny have given you some great advice already. I don't think quilting will take away from the texture of the chenille or the satin. It's very pretty and I'm sure it will be loved.