Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Man - I meant to post on the first of the month... look what happened! Oh well - You know that pretty little blanket I made for Gladys? I'm pretty sure it didn't get to her in time, it was mailed out Monday morning. She passed away last night. This is the only Grandmother my Husband really knew. His father's side of the family wasn't very close and didn't get together often. Gladys was a funny and very sweet lady. I really hate that our daughter wasn't able to get to know her at all. She did get to "meet" her as a little baby, but we hadn't gotten together in a while, and she never saw our little boy in person.
Here's my Mother-in-Law Connie, with Gladys holding her great-grandaughter, Taylor Anne (my daughter) when she was a week old.

So, I guess we'll be flying up to Minnesota to help with the plans for the funeral, and visit with family we haven't seen in years, and it will be a sad occasion, but also a nice one since we will have the chance to get together. This is something so weird about funerals... when someone dies everyone is sad that the person died, but it is also a time when family is able to get together that wouldn't otherwise be able to see each other. There is usually lots of great food provided by wonderful people in the community, and usually people end up having a good time. I see funerals as a chance to celebrate the great life that the person had... and yes it is sad. But it's mostly sorrow for the people left behind, in this case, the Husband who must now face life without his spouse, the children who no longer have that Mother they depended on for so many years, and the grandchildren who have fond memories, but are sad that those memories cannot be made anew any longer. And when someone younger dies, it's multiplied because there are so many more people involved who will miss out on things. Am I cold-hearted to think a funeral isn't always a sad occasion? I'm looking forward to going... There will be some sorrow, and many hugs, but also smiles, and "It's great to see you" will be heard often.

So hopefully you don't think I'm evil, And I hope you'll read along and see what projects I'm planning to work on during this trip: I have a couple of little knotted elf dolls I need to sew up, I found the instructions here. They're really easy to make and there's quite a bit of hand sewing involved, so I could do that possibly on my trip. I also have a sweater I would like to knit, if I can just get the book in time! I saw it on the Wee Wonderful's site - and it looks sooooo cute I really want to make one for a special little girl I know (or two). Here is the link if you want to check it out, and I'll post my progress if I get it started! Anyway, off to watch the kidos - I'm now babysitting for a friend's baby M-Th and that means I have an infant, a toddler, and sometimes two 5 yr olds running around here! Whew!


togbean said...

I learned a long time ago that if you let it, a funeral can break your heart and spirit. I choose now to truly - and I'm not just paying lip service here - to see them as a celebration of a life. You get to see all the other people that also celebrate their connection with that life. And unfortunatly it happens to usually be the only time you get to see distant relatives and old friends. Grieve for the loss but celebrate the connections that it strengthens.


Lucy said...

I am truley sorry for your loss. You did such a wonderful job on that quilt. Enjoy your family time. I always liked funerals when I was growning up (HUGE family with lots of funerals, weddings, and christenings) Funerals were always great family get togethers. Last year my MIL passed away and my FIL wouldn't have a funeral for her. I was so bummed. I think the kids needed it and she deserved the honor of our remembering her life (not him looking for a girlfriend).