Monday, October 15, 2007


Wow, it has taken a while to get over that trip to Minnesota! I felt like I didn't get enough sleep all week long, and then this weekend I was at a Girl Scout Leaderee - camping outside, and getting much-needed training. I thought I might be able to get some rest also, but the schedule had us eating breakfast at 7AM. I was planning to stay for the entire weekend, but ended up leaving Saturday night. I got a bad headache and didn't think I could deal with it (the headache), the snoring cabinmates, and the 40 degree weather that night. So I headed home after dinner and some chatting, and got to sleep until about 9:30 Sunday! This miracle was due to the fact that my DEAR Husband took the kidos to the Lake with my Dad for the weekend! Yay!

During all of this, I have been working on some projects for Christmas presents, and I just got finished sewing up the sides of the Heartbreakingly Cute Baby Kimono I'm planning to give a sweet little girl I know. It really knit up quickly - I was surprised especially since I consider myself a "beginner" knitter. The color is really a lavendar, not as blue as it looks here. Here's a picture - I haven't decided about the ribbon closure yet.

So - what do you think... navy ribbon or buttons?

Can I even do buttons at this point? I'm such a novice!

Anyway, I haven't been doing nothing - I am busy... I just don't always have time to put it all on here..... now to the next project! Where do most of you get your enlargements made? I need to blow up a pattern, and don't want to pay an arm and a leg for it!


Terri D. said...

Em--your kimono looks great! I vote for buttons.

Angie said...

Lovely kimono sweater! For buttons you could sew on loops to fasten the buttons to. But ribbon is great, too. If you make it again, you could try to place where to make a buttonhole and include it when knitting the front.

Dinah said...

I'm glad ya'll made it back from Minnesota ok. Thanks for your comment on my blog a while back. You WILL need to go to Mary Jo's. And take a 0-balance credit card unless you have better willpower than I do! lol.

Lisa said...

Love the color, love the pattern just wish I could do the same. These is really pretty!