Saturday, October 27, 2007

Wallowing in self pity

I was supposed to take my Daisy Girl Scout troop to the Scouting for the Cure event today... guess what I'm doing instead? Sitting on the sofa chair sipping egg drop soup and hoping my fever doesn't come back today! I have Strep throat. I woke up Thursday with one of my glands swollen in my neck... I thought, well it happens sometimes, it'll probably go away in a little bit - I was feeling fine, so I fixed some coffee and went about my day. Everything was fine until about 5:30 that evening when I started to get really achy - I decided to check my tonsils, lo and behold - white spots! At this point I am thinking ..."well, maybe I have strep, or maybe it's just a sore throat... we'll wait and see how things go." I took some Advil and sat down to cross stitch for a while. I got chills, and finally realized I would probably have to go to the doctor in the morning. Thursday night was hellish, and I called the doc first thing and got a rapid strep test done... it was positive and the doctor said "it's pretty gross in there" referring to my throat. So I got a prescription, started taking it right away, and headed home to bed. At this point, I was hoping to still be able to do the GS thing, it would just depend on if my fever went away and how I felt. I would have been on the antibiotics for 24 hours by the time we went, so supposedly I wouldn't have been contagious. Well, this morning I woke up at 3:30am, raging fever, tonsils swollen, puss oozing, and bleeding, and I said to myself "would I want my daughter going with someone in this condition?" NO - so I had to stay home. I took my Advil and so far the fever has stayed away, but we'll see what happens when it wears off. I'm really bummed.... I guess I'll go knit or something. I really wanted to go to the Scouting for the Cure - this was something we had planned from day 1 - but now my Co leader and some other Moms are there with the girls having a great time I'm sure, and I'm stuck here! Ugh!

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