Tuesday, November 13, 2007

ARGGGGG!!!!!! A little frustration....

So I was working on the 2nd MDK baby kimono, in the burgundy wool... I got through to the front of the first sleeve, and realised there was NO WAY I was going to have enough yarn to finish this peice. The yarn was some that I had gotten from the attic of my Great grandfather's house. I'm sure there isn't any more out there anywhere so I frogged the sweater.... the whole thing.... it was sad. Maybe I shouldn't have frogged it, but I did... now I can use the yarn for something else sometime I guess. I have to get over the hard feelings for it first though. Ha ha! Anyway, meanwhile I have purchased some Patons Rumor yarn, thinking it was all natural, with alpaca... but realised it's mostly acrylic... not what I wanted for this sweater.... so now I'm going with some other yarn I have here, I'm pretty sure I'll have enough this time - and it's still available if I need more. I'm doing it in Patons Classic Wool Blue Denim Marl. I hope it works out and will be beautiful, I also hope I'll have time to finish it before Christmas! Man!

So another thing I have gotten myself into today is the quilt-along that AmandaJean is doing on her blog Crazy Mom Quilts.... I think I may become a little behind on that one, but thought it would be fun to do! If any of you want to join, just check out her site!

I guess I'll be knitting, and cross-stitching, and quilting, and sewing in general until the wee hours of the night for many nights to come... Em

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