Thursday, November 1, 2007

Fairy and Teddy

How was your Halloween?

I loved Trick-or-Treating as a kid... I would run around the neighborhood, up and down the sidewalks with my sister until my feet felt like they would fall off! We lived in a neighborhood full of kids, and large houses which were right next to one another. In fact, we shared a driveway with our neighbors... and I never thought about it, it seemed normal to me! That's how close the houses were - our neighborhood growing up was one of those typical in-the-city neighborhoods, and I loved it especially for Trick-or-Treating! As an adult, I haven't really liked it that much though, I think it was because the kids didn't really have lots of fun, they were too little to really 'get' it. This year was different though - Halloween with our children has become something that is so much fun! Our street is the main street into our neighborhood, and there aren't many kids on it, so we don't trick or treat on our street or hand out candy. We venture further into the neighborhood down near the park, and where most of the young families live. There are TONS of kids and the houses are nice and close together - there are also nice sidewalks, which make things so much safer! This year my daughter was a fairy and my son was a teddy bear. Taylor Anne had said she was going to go as a 'wedding-lady', but then changed her mind last minute to the fairy costume - luckily both of these were hanging in her closet so we didn't have to buy her a costume this year! Anderson didn't really care what he dressed as (he's just 17mo.) so I found a really cute, warm teddy bear costume for him. I think they looked adorable of course! Taylor Anne has really gotten into the trick-or-treating this year. I am so glad that she gets it and is willing to run up to the door, and yell "TRICK-OR-TREAT!!!!!" at the top of her lungs! She also is good about saying "Happy Halloween" and "Thank you" to the people giving out candy. We really had a blast this year - it wasn't too cold, and the kids were really into it. We also had my sister and neice walking along with us. That was really nice. It was great to spend some time with the two of them. We also walked with Taylor Anne's best friend Dawson, who is my God-son and his mom who live in the lower part of the neighborhood. Taylor Anne kept on and on saying how much fun she was having. It was really great. I hope you all had a great Halloween experience this year!

Here are pictures of Anderson, then one with Dawson (my Godson) and Taylor Anne. (best friends)

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