Saturday, December 15, 2007

Funny stuff!

My son... he sings while he plays around the house... it's really cute - he's 18 months old and this is what it sounds like "Duh - Duh, Dooo, Duh- Duh, Dooo" He is always on the same happy notes, and today he's changed the song a little where he will go "Dooo Dooo Dooo" in different notes at the end, and he claps sometimes (when he is done I guess). He's really quite musically inclined, if I do say so myself! He loves the piano and little xylophone, and picks out music he likes and doesn't like. The problem is when there's a song he doesn't want to hear, he yells "NO". And will continue to say "NO" until you turn it off or it's over. He has favorite songs too... it's really cute. Sorry, I had to gush a little.

I also have to talk about some of the cool stuff he's learning how to do (besides sing and love music). I try to implement some of the Montessori method in our household. Because of that, Anderson's now able to successfully drink from a 'regular' cup. I got him some little child-sized pottery cups and he loves them. He thinks he is HOT STUFF when he drinks from them. You may be thinking "pottery for a little boy? and Won't he spill?" the answer to these questions is YES! Children are able to learn how to be careful with breakable items. When I get the milk for him in these cups, I VERY very carefully handle the cup with two hands, I am sure that he's looking at me do this. I talk about how careful we have to be with the pretty cups, and how to hold it the right way. He understands, and is careful with them. He's of course going to spill some times. And he does, but I don't make a big deal out of it.... I say = Go get a towel and clean up... in a cheerful way, but also in a way that he knows it's not something that SHOULD happen. Another thing he has started to do is peel his own clementine oranges. These are easy to peel, and it's such a sweet reward when you get the skin off. He is very careful to put the 'trash' into the bowl where it goes, and then he takes the entire thing to the trash can - he loves throwing it away. I think he feels such accomplishment doing these things! Just think if I always took the orange out of the fridge, and peeled it and just gave him the little pieces. Think about all he would miss out on. He's learning to be careful, and respect things we have in the house, and he's using his pincer grip, and learning about the construction of Oranges. He has learned that the peel is bitter, but the inside is sweet, that the trash has a proper place in the house. We do still have sippy cups, and we still use them, but not exclusively, and I think that he knows there isn't anything special about them.

Here's a little something I've been up to recently.... 10 PJ pants for Christmas presents... I'm not saying who they're for! Here is a picture of the finished items stacked up:
I finally put a little face on the wee bunny I made... I wasn't sure I could embroider the little face - I had NEVER done anything like that before, so I just kinda winged it, and I think it's cute. I have several more bunnies cut out and waiting to be sewn together, but I'm not sure I have the energy after finishing those PJs this weekend! Here's the wee little face (sorry about the dark picture) :
It looks like I'm late on the quilt-a-long this week. I have some of the pieces cut, but haven't gotten enough coordinating fabrics to use... I may have to use something off the wall... Maybe I can hammer out week 5 and 6 before I leave for the 'Christmas Dash'. We call it that around here because our family is dashing too and fro, and too and fro, again a lot around the Christmas Holiday. I have a large family and NEED to see everyone I can while they're all together, and we also have to make sure to see my DH's family somewhere in there too! It's not that hard to see them though, the IL's live in our neighborhood, and his sister and her husband (who also happens to be DH's best friend) is about 15 minutes away. This year we're getting together with folks for cookie making on Saturday, then Sunday driving about 2 hours for a Christmas dinner, then going home (about 40 minutes away), waking up Christmas Eve at home, packing up, and going over to the IL's house to open presents and celebrate with a breakfast with DH's side, then driving about 1.5 hours to my parent's house to have dinner with my Dad's side of the family, Spending Christmas eve at my parent's with my sis and her hubby and daughter, and getting up to do Christmas and Santa with the kidos and parents and such, then having another Christmas dinner with my Mom's side of the family (at my parent's house again). Then I think we will crash at my parent's house Christmas night. I'm not sure what we'll do after that... I don't want to think about that right now, I'll think about that tomorrow. (just call me Scarlet!)


Jenny said...

Em - Anderson sounds so precious! I would love to hear him sing. Chandler loves to watch our James Taylor: Live in Concert DVD as much as he would like a Baby Einstein. It's so funny how he loves music. Nice change for mom and dad too.

I've never given him any big boy cups yet. He's really great about cleaning up but LOVES to throw everything and will test me to the limit on throwing and banging on things. Oh well, maybe I should read up on that Montessori stuff. It might work with my little wild man.

scrapbooker47 said...

I love the PJ pants. Where did u get the pattern? I love your blog.