Monday, December 3, 2007


I know NONE of you in blogland have ever done anything like this before:

I was using my quilting foot on my machine to make several different things with 1/4 inch seams, and it had been on the machine for many days... I guess I forgot! I went to sew a nice zig-zag and right as I pushed the petal down... OH S***!!! Too late! Broken needle! Bummer! Luckily though, the tip didn't go flying off, or hit me in the eye! It was still threaded! That was my last one too... now I am at a standstill. Not a good place to be at this moment in the calendar year!

On a lighter note, I am very proud of my children! My daughter has been out of school a lot recently due to strep and a horrible intestinal virus, so she hasn't been doing much around the school-wise. Yesterday she decided she wanted to write out some words she saw on a set of cards, and draw a picture! So nice: take a look-see!

My son, who is nearly 18 months old, has fallen in love with babies! He's decided to play with some off and on, and loves on them quite often. Well, today while Taylor Anne and I were watching 'My Fair Lady', in walks my little boy with a babydoll. He proceeds to go over to the shelf, take down the wipes and a diaper, and sits down, laying the baby in front of him.... I had to get the camera! Here's the result -
He didn't get the diaper onto the baby, but he did clean her up pretty well, and it was just really cute the way he did it, just like I do to him and the baby I babysit each week! It was just great! I hope that makes you smile - have a great day everyone!


Jenny said...

What a cutie pie! Glad you were able to capture that moment on film. Too bad about your needle though ... I've been in that situation too many times. At least you weren't impaled by it. Whew!

Archaic Dome said...

I've done worse. I've broken a needle doing that scallopy stitch that comes on the cheap machines (like mine) by completely forgetting that I had my BUTTONHOLE foot on. Talk about dumb. At that point I'd never bought a needle in my life (I'd always liberated my mother's) so I had to call my gram to find out what kind to buy. :) This was almost two months ago...