Monday, January 28, 2008

Fluffy Mail today!

I feel so lucky today! I went out to the mailbox and there were two packages in there with my name on them! I knew one was this cute little hat from Aija at SockPron: (yes, it's on my hand... for now)

She sent it to me after we chatted a bit about how we both loved the pattern, but the one she had made for her son didn't fit him. I think it will fit my son, and I'll try it on him this afternoon. Check back for an updated picture... She also sent some really cute stitch markers from her etsy shop! I can't wait to use them! I feel so special that she sent me these things, and we barely know each other! Blog Friends are so great!

The other special package was from Cher in Oregon... it's the Four Season's Quilt Swap Quilt! WoooHooo! I love it! Thank you Cher!!! She did lots of hand-stitching and it looks great in my living room. I love the little stars in the corners, and the star binding that matches the background! Now I really have to get mine mailed out so someone else can feel as special as I do today!


Rocketgirl said...

Soooo... I found out about this Blog Givaway carnival ( hundreds of peple are giving away cool thingsy on their blogs. I'm still thinking abut what I want to do, but I looked at your post today and thought "Hot dang, Em needs to do a give away and give me lots of things!" I'm self centered that way:) but yu should look into it!

atet said...

What great mail you got!!! Woo Hooo!