Friday, January 25, 2008

FSQS drama

I HAVE to mail the Four Season's quilt by the end of the month - only 6 days to go... SO, I figured out how to do the binding after looking at a few sites out there and did my best... then somehow sewed the last part of the binding backwards (yes, I trimmed the seam allowance too!). SO - RRRRrrriiiiiiipp! Out that came and I had to add another piece for the binding, then I sewed it backwards again! @*&#R%$#&!!!!!!!

Luckily, I didn't trim it before I noticed, so I ripped it again, and got it right on the THIRD try today! So that was sewing it to the front of the quilt, and I still had to do the back. All of the instructions said to hand sew the backing with a slip-stitch (I don't know how to slip-stitch).... I tried to sew the first side with the machine... then pulled that out because it looked SO CRAPPY on the front side. I guess I learned my lesson. So in carpool and then after the kidos were in bed tonight, I hand stitched the binding on the back side, and it looks much better now! Now I just need to do the label and I'll be done! I'm just trying to decide how to do the label... hand embroider one, or do the sharpie version... I have a little time left... I think I'll embroider it... Here's the finished front... well, the border anyway... you've already seen the rest of the front in flimsy version.

A close up of the stripy border! I love it, it's also sparkly!
and back...

It's a little hard to see the quilting, but I pretty much stitched in the 'ditch' for the most part, and did an outline of the house and the snowdrift.

I think I'll do the label inside the little house outline on the back. And I'll embroider a border for the house on the backing. Maybe you'll see it after I know the person has gotten it... I hope she doesn't mind that it was such a big learning experience for me. I had never done a log-cabin style, (and I put a twist on my version) never done crazy quilting, never done strip binding, and this is my first quilt swap... so it isn't perfect, but I love it and if she doesn't like it she can send it back for sure! Ha ha! I hope she likes it though. I'm naming it Wonky Winter Whimsy. (Just because I can!)

On a side note, I have found out that my dear little boy loves "Swamp Soup"! (aka split pea soup). I made some because it has been soooooo dreadfully cold here recently, and he has been shoveling it in ever since. I learned how to make it from my Dad - the master! Check out the size of that spoonful! I love the little table and chairs for the kids to sit at. They love that they can get in and out of them easily. I also love that they are learning to wipe off the table after meals.... so cool!


Archaic Dome said...

GAH- how is that going to fit in that MOUTH? lol

I'm just learning strip binding, too, and I got a bias-tape-maker (clover makes them) where you put the fabric in one end and iron what comes out the other end, and it doesn't have to be bias-cut. And, if it's not going to be heirloom, I machine sew onto the back, fold over, and use a decorative machine stitch to attach the front. Less handwork, until I get the hang of binding.

Danetta said...

I think your quilt looks very nice. I could make out the quilting just fine. The things kids eat amazes me. One of my daughters LOVED brussel sprouts when she was about that age. She still does 28 years later. Not me though!

Andrea said...

If it's coming to me I definitely won't be sending it back - I think it's great - you did a lovely job. I actually have my fingers crossed that it has my name on it xx

Jenny said...

Hey Em, your quilt looks great. I saw your post where you showed a pic of the cute cabin block - you are so creative!

I only hope that I can do as good of a job on a quilt when I get the chance.

I've been away from blog-land for a while. I've been on a business trip for about a week and then came home with a horrible fever and virus and then immediately threw out my back. I hope you have been healthy for a while! I am on the fast track to healing but the crafts have certainly taken a back seat (along with the laundry, dishes, etc. etc.)

Good job!

cher said...

strip binding? at first I thought you meant stripe binding, but no...that's not the case. I always miter bind-it was the way I was taught and I find it easy as pie to do. There are just so many ways of quilting! I think you did your best and that is what matters most. You were very brave to jump in on your first swap! I am sure the person receiving your swap will treasure it.

atet said...

I'm sure your partner will love your quilt!