Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Needlework Fruits and Veggies

I have been meaning to post about this for a long while... check out these needlework pieces. They were stitched by a good friend of mine many, many years ago (probably before I was born!) but didn't have a place for them in her current house, and her daughter didn't want them for her house! I couldn't let them go to Goodwill, I loved them as soon as I saw them, and decided I had to figure out a place for them in my house. Any ideas? I was thinking about putting them in my kitchen, but am not sure where... There aren't many empty walls in that room. I may have to take down some other stuff to make room... we'll see I guess. I just wanted to share the great work with others that would enjoy them as much as I do.

These last two need some fixing... I don't know how to do it yet, so I'm just keeping them the way they are for now. I wish I knew how to do needlework like this... it's so beautiful. I love the texture and the colors. All of them were framed in simple solid wood frames, with natural stains, and they really go well with all of the other natural wood in my house.

The grapes are ok, but I think there is part of the stem which needs to be fixed, and the watermellon has some part in the middle which has been eaten by some moth larvae maybe? Anyway, I hope someday to get these fixed and find a great place in my house for them.


Danetta said...

What a great deal you got there. I think they must go in the kitchen. I love finding things like this that someone worked so hard on.

Archaic Dome said...

I can't help you. I know precisely where they should go, but that's in MY kitchen. :)

My great-grandfather did some needlepoint like this that I have (Coupla birds and some barley sheaves) that I need re-framed, but I love the dimensionality of them.

atet said...

Great gifts from your family friend. They're probably crewl embroidery and done with wool threads. I'd say try to get some wool to do your fixes -- but, um, you might be shocked by the prices :0).