Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Shock, Sadness, and Heartbreak

OK - I'm not a big movie fan, and not one to pay attention to the tabloids, but I do have my favorite actors and actresses like most folks. I was checking email yesterday, and got the news report that Heath Ledger had been found dead. I am in shock... and sad... and heartbroken. I'm not sad like a gushy, weepy teenager, who had dreams that she can meet some hunky actor, I am sad because I think he was a great actor, I will miss seeing him on the big screen. He was adorable in '10 things I hate about you', funny in 'A knight's tale', and magnificent in 'Brokeback Mountain'. I wish I would have gotten to see him in more films. He seemed to be growing into such a talented actor. I am heartbroken because his little girl won't be able to have him as her father, play with him, and be goofy with him. No matter what the cause, if it was an accident, or intentional, it's a tragedy for everyone. I'm feeling sorry for his family and especially Michelle Williams and his little girl Matilda. I am in shock because I would have never thought of Heath as one of those actors who would die in this way! To have that news flash across the screen, it was like I had to do a double-take... I hope his family and friends are able to heal quickly, I know they are hurting. Shock, Sadness and Heartbreak for sure.

BTW, I'm trying frantically to finish up my Four Season's Quilt Swap so I can get it in the mail! Wish me luck with the binding and labeling parts!


atet said...

I'll wish you luck on finishing your 4Seasons if you'll wish me luck on mine :0).

Danetta said...

I wish you luck on completing your swap. Please wish me luck just to work on mine.