Monday, January 7, 2008

Winter Quilt Swap progress

Now that we're home, and we've gotten back into the school schedule, I've decided I need to get back into the sewing room during naptime! Woo Hoo! I have several things I need to get working on... Purses for my Aunt's shop, the Winter Quilt Swap, and some unfinished Christmas presents that will now be birthday or 'other' presents. I decided the Winter Quilt Swap is the one with the most pressing deadline, as I have to have it mailed by the 30th of this month! I had a design in mind, but wasn't able to find the 'right' pattern for the middle snowflake I was going to do... and I don't think I can make my own pattern at this point. So I decided to come up with something else from scratch... I may do the other one some other time. Here's my sketch:

And here's a detail of the little house... surrounded by crazy quilting snowflake prints.

I had drawn these out last night, and I decided to get started in earnest, so I cut out almost all of the pieces last night. I decided to do a log-cabin style 'frame' around a crazy pieced little house and snowflake prints. In theory, it's gonna look really cool... not Christmassy, but wintery. Here are my pieces for the log cabin part, stacked up in order of sewing (this comes in handy when you're ready to sew them together)
I also cut out all of my parts of the house. I really had no idea what to do at that point, so I went to bed.
Today, I got a little bit of time while it was naptime - and some time after Mike came home while the kids were outside playing in the 75 degree weather - YES it's January 7th!!!! Weird Huh! Anyway, I got the entire top done before typing this up and going to bed tonight!

I'm pretty surprised at how quickly this came together! I really didn't know how to do the crazy quilting, so I looked it up online, and saw I needed to have a foundation piece... I guess I figured it out... I know there are plenty of flaws - the person who will get this will have fun looking for all of the hidden 'treasures'. Off to bed for me!


Danetta said...

This is really a cute pattern.

Lucy said...

That looks great. I am in so much trouble. I haven't even started. I did this last time too. Akk. The stress!!I have a bunch of ideas. I guess I better pick one and hurry up!

Andrea said...

I would be delighted to get this through the post - it is so cute !
I'm working hard on getting mine done - almost there.