Sunday, February 3, 2008

Busy weekend!

I had been drooling over several of the sewing studios online and got the idea that I needed to spruce my sewing room up a little. I was thinking of painting the room, moving around some furniture, or maybe just trying to clean out the closet and reorganize it so I could get to my fabrics easier. The thing is, the room I've been using is the smallest bedroom in the house, it's our guest room, and it's really full with a double bed, a dresser, my sewing table, and another folding table I use for cutting and laying things out. We had another room which is also in our basement which I really wanted to have as my sewing room. The thing is, we've been using it as our office... but it has been overrun with papers and sorely needed to be reorganized too! So I brought it up to my sweet hubbo Friday night, and he agreed that we could change the two rooms around. What a wonderful thing!!! I can gain more space for my sewing stuff, and get two rooms organized at the same time! The room that was the office will now be a sewing/play room (hopefully I can get more stuff done this way!)

So we decided that's what we'd do this weekend - I also had made plans to visit one of our county parks on Saturday. They were having their winter open house, with games and activities for the kids, and it looked like lots of fun!

Here's a before picture of each room.... please note how messy and disorganized they both are - I am not a neatnik... although I would like to be more organized and uncluttered! These two rooms are the ones which things get dumped in whenever we clean up the rest of the house! There are things in here which we've been saving for yardsales, and a guinea pig cage which needs to go to my aunt's house... Just way too much stuff!

This is the former office/playroom/guinea pig room/storage.This is the extra bedroom - yes the walls are a 'Dookey Brown' as my sister named it! This was her little space when she lived with us, and when she left, we made it into a sewing room for me... (not any more!)It drives me crazy to see these rooms look this way, and I just bare with it and try to make the most of it usually... I hope I can get these looking better by exchanging rooms and reorganizing. Let me know what you think of the progress... I have a feeling it's going to take more than a few days of hard work to get it the way I want it!

Here are a few pictures from our County Park visit! They have a pond with fish and bugs and plants and frogs (in the summer). This is part of their educational gardens.

We went on a really nice winter 'twig' identification hike with one of the park rangers. She taught the kids how to identify several trees, just by looking at the characteristics of the twigs! Taylor Anne was very interested, and did very well paying attention.
Taylor made a friend with the Bearded Dragon. It was very spiky looking, but was actually quite soft when you touched it.
She really enjoyed the stuffed animals - taxidermy style... she wanted to pet or hold each of them. It didn't seem to bother her that they used to be alive, and were real, just dead and stuffed.

Check back soon for updated pictures of the NEW sewing room!

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