Saturday, February 23, 2008

Cutting, cutting, cutting

Making progress cutting the little 2 1/2" squares to finish my Quilt-along quilt. I have cut the sashing pieces also, but not the outer borders yet.



Still not done... really... I have to cut 430!!! Holy Moly!

You may notice I had to get some more 'coordinating' fabrics to throw in there. I still need to go get more of the original fabrics, so it doesn't look too random. That's what happens when you use fat quarters, and don't realize you're going to need bunches more for the borders and finishing!

I took Taylor Anne to another horse show today... We got to sit with Miss Holly and her little dog in the arena. We met some other riders from the stables that were in the competition today. It was neat to see and talk with some other people from the stables there. There were so many pretty horses... check out this gray one:

Almost all of the horses were braided and beautiful. We got to see Miss Holly working with one of the little girls she is training named Zoe. She was very nice to Taylor Anne. It was cool, and Taylor Anne said she wanted to jump with a horse too. I told her she had to learn how to ride on the flat first!
This is Zoe getting ready to warm up in the practice ring:
I think I've decided to let Taylor Anne take lessons regularly after all. She seems to really enjoy it, and if she gets bored we can stop at any time... so... donations are appreciated... I take paypal! (Shameless, I know!) Ha ha!

Back to cutting...


Doe said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day!

I'm sorry I can't help you with your fabric dilemma but I can't wait to see the whole thing finished. Happy hunting.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog.

Mary said...

Wow! That's a lot of little squares! I want to make a quilt so badly. It just seems like something that is out of reach for me.