Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

I'm not big on Valentine's Day... And we don't usually do much about it as a family but make each other cards, but of course the kiddos love it, and of course Taylor Anne's school allows the kids to give cards... They also host a Valentine's breakfast for the families at the beginning of the school day. The valentines are passed around at the end of the day in a very orderly fashion. The kids aren't allowed to put certain names on them, just sign them and make one for everyone (or noone). They aren't allowed to be purchased, they're supposed to be hand-made and simple. This is nice for several reasons - No Candy... No competition over who-gave-who-what, and I think the kids all feel good about each other in the end. (For the most part anyway!) Here is the contents of Taylor Anne's valentine bag:

Cute, aren't they?!

Taylor Anne and Anderson also got some cute cards in the mail from Grammy and Gramps! Check these out!!! Anderson was saying 'Mellmow' and gave him kisses when I told him it was from Grammy and Gramps. Taylor Anne opened hers up and said "Mine is WAY BETTER than Anderson's!" Hers had a Barbie doll dress-up girl in it with stickers to dress her up with.

So, I hope you had a great Valentine's day, we sure did!


Old School Acres said...

Those valentines are entirely too cute. Do you save them? We always make our valentine's and I wish others would!

You have beautiful kids!

Jenny said...

Happy Valentine's Day Em and your gang! Yes, we are getting over the sickies here and I think we're doing well. Drinking water, washing hands, vitamin C, sleep... We'll see how it goes.

Your kiddos are so cute! Thanks for sharing their pics on your site.

Libby said...

Mellmow and Barbie *s* Perfect Valentines