Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My daughter is an Author!

Lots of pictures...

The first book by Taylor Anne:
(I hope it is legible enough for you - she's in Kindergarten, I'll put her words in italics)

The Kangaroo Book

By Taylor Anne Cole

The Kangaroo mom was having a baby.

The baby was jumping away.

The Mom was sad.
(so was the tree - I think!)

The Mom is happy win (when) she found her baby.

The Lion scared the Kangaroos away.

The End

Don't you think that's just wonderful??? I was so excited she wanted to write the story to go with the pictures she had drawn (maybe a month ago!)

She's not the only busy bee around here, I worked on the blue dress... making alterations to fit my slim girl. I took out 1/2 inch from the side seams on the bodice, then increased my seam in the skirt, and also ended up adding two little pleats centered in the front. I tried it on her and it fits perfectly! Woo Hoo!!!


Katherine said...

Well done, Taylor Anne! Great job on your first book. I really like the drawing of the baby kangaroo with its mom. You're an author and an artist!

Don't you love it when a sewing project fits just right? Alterations are never my favourite aspect to sewing, but sometimes they're necessary and I always figuratively hold my breath until I know they've worked out.

Dee Light said...

I just love little stories written by kids!! She did such a wonderful job.

And mom did a wonderful job on the dress!!

Jenny said...

Em, what a gorgeous dress! Good job on all of the details. Even if it ends up being a little too big, Taylor Anne will love wearing it now and next year.

Her book is so cute too - I can't wait for my little ones to start putting their thoughts on paper.

Breanna said...

The dress looks great! And your daughter's story is wonderful. I'm sure she appreciates your enthusiasm. I remember my first book was "the pot and the polar bear", and my parents just gushed over it. It made me feel so special.

Andrea said...

Beautiful story Taylor Anne ! You are a very clever girl.

katelnorth said...

It's a fabulous book, she should be really proud. The dress is nice, too :)