Monday, February 4, 2008

Quilt-a-long progress...

I'm still trying desperately to catch up in Amandajean's Quilt-a-long. I have gotten the new sewing room in enough order that I felt I needed to jump in and knock out these last blocks... I got 3 done today! I feel much more efficient in this new set-up. I have my tables all close by, my ironing board is out where I can just step over to it, and there is a great place close by for my kids to play without being underfoot or, more importantly, in danger! I am so happy with this new room - here are a few pictures... it's not organized the way I want it yet, so please be kind.
Yes, there is a little red rocking chair in there, it was mine as a kid, and there is a trash bag hanging on the little cabinet on the right - my daughter saw the 'new' room and had to jump right in and get 'working' at her desk (it's off to the right of the little cabinet)
I still have to clear out some of my DH's work stuff, and get that stroller out of here! It's being freecycled as we speak - just waiting for someone to pick it up!
As for the progress I made today: I got blocks 8, 9, and 10 completed! It goes so much faster when I can cut, press, and sew all in one room. Check them out:
Block 8

Block 9

Block 10

I feel confident I will get the last two done tomorrow, and hopefully I'll get to post pictures of them and the complete set. It's supposed to be 76 degrees here tomorrow - I am SOOOO happy! I want all of those groundhogs to just forget what they said on Saturday - no more winter for me, thank you very much!


Tami said...

Your new sewing room looks like it'll give you much better options for sewing comfortably. I see that you have a very nice U set-up. I like it. My mom's coming into town later this week and I think that I'll have her help me get more of my room organized. The computer area is overflowing with papers etc.

Your new quilt blocks are looking great. How many more before you're done with the top?

Frogdancer said...

I laughed when you said you were behind on the quilt-a-way. At least I'm not thye only one. I was going great guns but then came to a screeching halt when knitting leapt to the fore.

I'm childfree this weekend so I'm hoping to complete the other squares (6 of them.... hanging my head in shame...) Yours look terrific.

Love the words you left on my blog about best sounding words, particularly malapropism. Now there's a word that should be used more often in day to day conversation!

SandyQuilts said...

Your sewing room looks so nice and organized. And what a pretty block.