Sunday, February 17, 2008

Stash building!

Ok, so I did some stash building today... I couldn't resist. I saw Joanns was having their President's Day sale, and their Fat Quarters were only 99 cents!!! SO I had to go and see what there was and pick out some things. I kept it under control, I think... here's what I got:
There's a hot pink graduated color floral seersucker, and then a blue fish seersucker... then all of the FQs I got, it's hard to see, but I got 4 or 5 orangish/yellows.... I don't know why exactly, but I felt I needed them.

Here are the sweet summer dresses I'm going to make with the yardage of pink and blue fabrics... one dress in each color... Taylor Anne picked them out! If I have enough, I may try to make something matchy-matchy with the leftovers. Stay tuned!

On Saturday I fed the fire which is Taylor Anne's love of horses with a trip to the local NCHJA 'C' Show. It was at the State Fairgrounds which isn't very far for us to go for a visit. It was a great way for us to have some 'Mom and Me' time, and we got to meet lots of 'horse' people and lots of horses too! It was free too, so that was a bonus! I was surprised at how nice everyone was, and how willing they were to talk with us and show us their horses. We were able to wander around the stables (there are a TON!) and the arenas, and saw our friend Ms. Holly, who gave Taylor Anne her lesson last weekend. Ms. Holly had won several ribbons in the show on Friday! We also met two girls who were competing that day - one was 9 and the other was about 13. They both train with Ms. Holly, and were riding horses that are at the stables where Taylor Anne's lesson was. Here is an action shot of a horse jumping - it's awfully hard to get a good picture in a horse arena... not good lighting for photos!
Here's another shot, this time it's a horse waiting to go into the ring. We were able to walk down there, and talk with anyone who happened to be around. It was really great - but you did have to watch your step! If you look at the horse in the blanket in the bottom right-hand corner - the name on the blanket is 'Taylor' - I don't know if that's the rider's name or the horses...?


Frogdancer said...

I think you've been very restrained with the stash building. Only 99c!!!

Breanna said...

What pretty colors! I guess I'm glad I didn't know about that sale, I'm not good at exercising restraint during fabric sales.

Amy Jo said...

Thanks for stopping by! I love what you picked out at JoAnns. I so wanted to go, but all the snow stopped me. Keep checking back - I hope to have the fabric ready to go by the end of the week. We'll see how good that pans out!

amandajean said...

hurray for stash building!!!