Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter from our Family!!!

The Easter baskets - can you tell who's is who's? Taylor Anne has my Easter Basket from when I was little, but I had to find one for Anderson at the store. These were put together Easter-eve after a frantic trip to 'Tar-jay' and 'Wally world' to find things that were fun, but not filled with High Fructose corn syrup and Artificial Colors or flavors!

Easter Morning was a hit! The kids both LOVED the things in their baskets, the slinkies were a major hit. Note what each kid pulled out first though - Taylor Anne went for the Hello Kitty bandaids, Anderson went for the Resees Egg (the ONLY candy in the baskets!).

Bunny-shaped slinkies provided hours of enjoyment throughout the day, and the dried apricots were opened shortly after they were noticed. The egg-shaped magnadoodle boards and spill-proof bubbles were great additions too.

The kid's looked great in their outfits! It was a bit chilly, so Taylor Anne needed a sweater - in that picture, she's slumping down trying to keep Anderson's hand, she was being such a good helper.
Taylor Anne and Pop-Pop

After church, we headed over to my In-Law's house for lunch/dinner with family that had come into town. Here's a 4 generation photo:

Anderson, Mike, Taylor Anne, Gary, Grandpa Vernon, Connie
The Easter bunny had ALSO somehow left baskets for Taylor Anne and Anderson at the Cole's house. Taylor Anne's had the movie High School Musical 2, some fruit, and a little stuffed horse that neighs when it's squeezed. Anderson's had fruit and a stuffed dog that barks when squeezed.
Of course my little girl had to climb the tree while we were there!


Anonymous said...

Happy Easter Em. Your Easter baskets look lovely and your children seem very happy with them.

You asked about the scarlet runner beans. I haven't yet tried them as dried beans so can't say what they taste like. We mostly eat them as green string beans over summer, but this year, because of the drought, they went to seed really fast and dried on the plants very early. I might cook some over winter but I'll save most of them for next year's seeds.


Rocketgirl said...

Holy SNAP those pictures are so adorable!! The outfits turned out so cute, congrats!! I'm so jealous you got a good family photo - I had big hopes, but Solei took a tumble and had blood all over her mouth and was mad that we kept trying to wipe it off so it wouldn't get on her dress... well, it was a disaster, but your adorable munchkins give me hope that I'll get a good picture one of these years;)

Katherine said...

Looks like you and your family had a wonderful Easter. Great photos!

Your sweeties look adorable in their matching outfits.

Tipper said...

What beautiful pictures! My girls love to climb trees too!

Kristin said...

it looks like you all had a fabulous easter!! the outfits are so sweet! :)

Thanks for stopping by the blog too! :)


Stephanie said...

Did you make those matching outfits for your kids? I love that bright and cheerful pattern, and that blue really stands out. :)