Friday, March 21, 2008

More eggs and quilt-a-long progress!

Today our whole family visited another local place which sells hormone free, free range eggs. It was a lot more fun this time. As soon as Anderson saw the chickens he started pointing and saying "bock-bock, bock-bock!" he chased a few around after the owner, Nancy, told us it was OK to let him go. He loved them! Nancy was very friendly and encouraged us to come back to hang out and have a cookout sometime. Here is Nancy with her Polish chicken.

Taylor Anne finding eggs - in a barrel!

All of her chickens were named - and she introduced us to each one as she showed us around. She had a mix of chickens, and quite a few roosters running around too... We were able to find a nest with 6 eggs in it, then another with 4 in it. The eggs we collected were beautiful! Take a look at the colors: 2 green, 3 white, 3 pink, 2 lt. brown!! - HAPPY EASTER! We're very happy with them. She even tried to give them to us for free, but we insisted on paying her! I think we may go back to this place.

There was a pair of hens (one was the Polish) who were sharing the brooding job on a nest too - so sweet! She said they take turns sitting on the eggs, and she's going to let them raise the chicks. She even said I could come and get some 'bitties' if I decided to keep chickens myself. This is something Mike and I are researching. It may not be an option for us, but we're looking into it at least. More details to come I am sure.

Here's one of her 4 cats: check out those eyes!!!

There was also a stream on her property, which we HAD to investigate thoroughly. We saw a little spring peeper frog, and I caught a crawdad for Taylor Anne to see up close... she thought it was SOOOO cute, unfortunately it pinched her... oops! It was OK though, she was fine and we let it go back in the stream. A nice family excursion, for everyone, I think!

When we got home I got out my Quilt-A-Long stuff... and started working in earnest. I got some little 4-patches sewn, and here's my layout:
Now I'm sewing these together... I hope to finish that up tomorrow sometime, although we will have some company tomorrow night, so I'm not sure how much sewing time I'll have!


kawaii crafter said...

love the colors of your quilt, it looks great


Rocketgirl said...

Is it crazy that those eggs look so pretty I completely expect them to be filled with chocolate? Looks like such a fun outing!

Katherine said...

Your quilt top looks great! Love the fabrics you put together.