Sunday, March 30, 2008

Visiting at the Lake house

After Easter, I took the kids to my parents lake house for a few days to visit with my parents and my sister's family. (Mike needed to work) It was so great to visit and the little cousins had fun together. The weather was nice and warm, but a little too windy to have much fun on the lake.

Of course Taylor Anne went out on the boat several times with Gramps anyway, and did some fishing, but had no luck. She mostly likes to play with the bait anyway... here she is playing with the minnows in the livewell... and then also in the bucket on the other boat.

Anderson loves 'driving' the boat with Gramps.

We played outside most of the days we were there, on the slide, in the grass, we took walks in the woods, and at the end of each day BATHTIME was a Must! (also tick-checks were a must)

Grammy gives a piggy-back ride!

Anderson loves bathtime with his cousin, Maddox!

There was hammock time with Gramps too. He's got it rigged up to swing with a rope hooked to a nearby tree... tug the rope, and you swing. It's so relaxing... Doesn't he look relaxed?

I didn't take any crafty stuff! No hand-sewing or knitting! I guess I kindof took a break, and now I really feel like I need to get to work. I have a few pillowcase dresses to make, and I'd like to make some purses. The first thing on my list is to finish up the Quilt-along quilt. I think I can get the top finished and basted by the end of the week...

Right now, I'm hanging out on the couch trying to get over a cold I ended up getting while at the lake. I've been 'out of commision' since we came home. It has been awful... mainly sleeping, watching 'Pride and Prejudice' on TV... I really could use that hammock right now... sans kids!

Tomorrow I will work on the quilt top... for sure!


driftwood said...

hope you feel better soon, those photos of your trip are great, love that slide and the hammock!

knitsational said...

Well then you are a better woman than I am! I cannot bring myself to go anywhere without my knitting. Where in NC are you? I live between Taylorsville and Wilksboro.

Breanna said...

Looks like a fun trip! I am really looking forward to warmer weather. Hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

It looks like you had a ball. I love that hammock.


Sarah and Jack said...

How much go I use a trip to the lake house right now? LOL

Jack would love that slide on the hill, how cool!

Dana said...

Time at the lake looks awesome. Beautiful kids. Beautiful lake. Beautiful family. Wonderful memories.

I'm lovin' the slide on the hill!

mollie b said...

I am jealous of the time at the lake. What fun!!!! The house up there needs a huge addition so the entire Berkeley bunch can join all ya'll for a big fun crazy lake weekend!!!!!! I know your Mom and Dad were lovin' it!!!!!! XOXOXO Mollie B

LOP said...

Em, The pix are great- Yeah, they are great memories- boy, what cute kids you girls have!!

Rocketgirl said...

That is so my dream - to share a lake house with loved ones! Your pictures made me all think-ety about who I could get into a cabinn, and where...;)