Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day Ideas


So, today was Earth Day - what did you do to help our Earth today?
Yellowish Iris'
I didn't do much... in fact I pretty much did the same things as always. I made sure all of the lights were off in the house when I didn't need them... and took my kitchen scraps out to the compost pile between rain showers...does that count as anything? I guess I'm pretty slack! We did plant three new shade trees in our yard this year though...
Purple Iris'

I had an idea this morning of something I would like to do, but am not sure it's really a feasible idea. I would like to get an extra hose and run it up to my bathroom so I can syphon the grey water from showers and baths into an old horse trough we have. Then I can use it easily to water plants in my garden! I think the main problem will be starting the syphon each time, and how to keep the hose easily accessible (my bathroom's on the second floor)... run it in through the window? That would be pretty tacky looking from the back of my house - not to mention all of those little buggies who would take advantage of the open crack with the window open. So... that idea kinda really went kersplat... I guess I'll just have to carry it out of the house by hand like I've been doing for the past several weeks... I don't have gutters (I soooo wish I did!), so I can't install any of those nifty rain barrels... I'm feeling a little non-green on Earth day today...
Dicentra (Bleeding Hearts)

Red Wave Petunias

So I thought I would share my recent blooms with you instead of any smarty-patarty Earth day ideas... I hope you enjoy them! Oh - and here are a few pix of the progress my veggie garden is making... little peas sprouting up, and a tiny squash, and a little tomato! Woo hoo!


Tipper said...

Your plants and flowers look great! They are so much ahead of mine. Still just a little to chilly at night for tomatoes here. But I can't wait. And you are way ahead of me about trying to be green. I compost but I don't save the extra water from baths-I never even thought about it. The girl scout hats were very cute.

Breanna said...

I'm jealous. Our flowers aren't going to be blooming for ages, it seems. Yours are beautiful! We too are lacking in the gutter area. I'd love to get some up, and a rain barrel as well. Maybe someday!

Rocketgirl said...

I spent Earth Day (besides the botanical gardens) feeling guilty every time I turned on my car. Big, wonderful van that I love so much, but dang I know how bad it is for the planet and it makes me freeaaaakkkkkk! Lovely plants by the way!!!