Tuesday, May 6, 2008


We have several birdhouses in our yard, and it's been very interesting to see the birdies trying them all out... check out the selection...

A tufted titmouse family has been checking this one out... it's close to our clothesline, but that hasn't chased them away yet... we'll see if they hang around for the next few days.

No one really likes this one... it's on the play set (high traffic!)

This one has the Welcome mat out, but no one has shown much interest so far! The roof keeps coming off, so that may be a factor... It's hanging under our Magnolia in the backyard. That is a fig behind it, which has actually leafed out much more since I took this picture.

This one was made by one of my best friends, my second dad, Larry! There has been a lot of interest in this one - first some house finches looked at it, then some bluebirds seemed to like it, but I'm not sure about them yet, I haven't seen them for a few days.

This one is the first one to actually have a family in it this year. It's hanging under the Magnolia also. There are some house wrens living in the little church, and they're very vocal when you get too close - they're good at 'yelling' at you, but don't seem deterred much by the children running around the yard.

This was also one of the ones I thought would never have a family living in it... but this little finch has decided it's his... he sits on top and just chirps and chirps for most of the day... I'm not sure if his mate likes it as much as he does. He has been working on a nest, and I think she's been in there too, but we'll see if they stay. It's definitely a high-traffic area, so I would be surprised if they decide to live here long term!

It seems that North Carolina has made it's Choice in the Presidential primary... have you made yours? Woo Hoo! I voted... and I'm so glad I did! I can't wait for November to come so I can vote again!

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Tipper said...

You have some very cute birdhouses! I have a high porch and the birds love to build under it-which is neat-sometimes we can look through the cracks and see into their nest-if its near a crack!