Friday, May 30, 2008

Miss Emmeline and Surprizes!

Well Lookie here!
It's Miss Emmeline! I made this apron for the Summer Sassy Apron Swap, and I'm so excited about it... I don't really want to send it off because I love it! I have to though, so I'll just make some more! Check it out, it's reversable... and fun! I think it says "SUMMER" don't you? (click to embiggerate)
Front and Back (or Back and Front)
Detail of applique tulip
We were out last night for my daughter's Bridging to Brownies ceremony, and when I got home - look at what was on my sewing table!!! A surprize!
It's a White Super Lock 503 Serger! My dear sweet husband got it for me from someone on Freecycle, and picked it up while I was off helping to set up for the Ceremony! It has all of the things it came with including the manual. I'm thrilled, but a little intimidated... it looks complicated! It looks like it holds three spools, and I have no idea about anything else! I know it's pretty old, but it is supposed to work fine. And I think it needs a good cleaning because it overheats after running for a while (in the words of the lady it came from). If you have any suggestions other than cleaning it, please feel free to let me know! I guess this will be my new toy to tinker with for the weekend!
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Breanna said...

The apron looks fabulous! About that serger~ how lucky to have found one for free, and how nice it is that your husband got it for you! I can't offer any advice for you, that's a machine I know nothing about.

Natalie said...

Love the embiggerate feature... very fancy. I love the apron even more, and yes, it is the picture of Summer!
Congratulations on your new found treasure.

Anonymous said...

Your apron looks great. I really like that pattern.

Valerie said...

What a great gift and oh the cute!

Midlife Mom said...

Sorry I forgot to leave my e-mail address!

I'm thinking about setting up an Etsy store after the summer. I sell wall hangings and tote bags but don't have time to sew much in the summertime. Our warm season is so short I just want to be outside with the horses and grand kids.

Love all your pictures. The one of your two little ones at the beach standing together looking into the water is fabulous! That is one to frame for sure!!!!!! I take hundreds of pictures of my two grandkids, came home from an outing at the coast and I had taken 284 pictures!! lol!! I just love digital!

The Clydesdales are so beautiful and yes they are a very kind easy going breed. I would have loved to have had a ride in that carriage!

Let me know when you set up your Etsy store and I will give you a shout out on my blog!

Tipper said...

Beautiful apron! And what a nice surprise!

SewAmy said...

what a great husband. that is so sweet that he surprised you with it.