Thursday, May 15, 2008

My Uncle Andy's Last Song

My Uncle Andy, (Nicholas Anderson Oglesby) was quite a character, in my childhood and in my adult life. He was a hippie musician, and the 'Black Sheep' for a time in our family, so he always seemed to be a mystery and an enigma to me. I loved that he would play music when we would get together for Thanksgiving Beach trips, and his political conversations always got me thinking, realizing that he was WAY smarter than I had allowed myself to think. He was an AMAZING person, very loving, caring, and interesting to boot. Andy playing for us at the beach November 2005
My uncle died a little more than 2 years ago, at the age of 51, and his death really taught me a lot about life. He led a great life, and there was so much more about him that I wanted to know when he died, because I realized there was so much about him that I had missed. He had smoked for years, but quit many years before he got sick... he ended up getting throat and lung cancer, even though he had quit. (If you are a smoker, please stop now... your family will thank you, and you're likely to live longer if you do stop right now. )
Uncle Andy holding my Daughter, Taylor Anne at about a week old Anyway - enough of my rambling - What I'm trying to do here is this: Please check out this great article published today about my Uncle. It was published in the Greensboro Go Triad paper. Uncle Andy wrote (among others) the song (Take me back to) Dillard Street - I'm sure you've never heard of it - but it's a wonderful epic of a folkish song, and I love it. It makes me feel closer to him, and to old Greensboro, when I hear it. His band, The Near Myths recorded it and have released it on their new album "Words to Burn". Check out the article, and if you can spare a moment - check out the song. (this is a link to a titbit on thier site) Here's a link to a music video of the song, put together by Greensboro's Joe Scott.
Thanks - I think you'll like it too.


Breanna said...

Thanks for sharing. I'm sorry for your loss, but how wonderful to always have such a special way to remember your uncle. The song sounds wonderful.

Natalie said...

A good life. Too short, but good, and I am glad you were able to share in some his life. I read and listened to all of the links, and I can imagine that you must appreciate learning more about him. I guess we should remember to live fully, truly and to embrace the ones we love... it can end so quickly. I hear the yearning in his song, and I hope his bit of heaven has just what he was longing for.

Tipper said...

Everyone needs an Uncle Andy and a little music in their lives!

Love your quilt blocks-wish I could sew.

SewAmy said...

loved the song. I agree with the post above mine..." everyone needs an Uncle Andy".

Lynn said...

I like your star block - fabric choices are wonderful especially that paisley. Thought you may like to know - there is a tour of chicken coops on Saturday in downtown Raleigh. Homeowners in the area who have chickens in their yards. Was wondering if you have been having any luck.

What a lovely way to remember your Uncle.

Alice Grace said...

I enjoyed hearing your uncle's music, although it was sad. Your tribute to his life is lovely. Thanks for sharing this little bit of his life and passion for music. I also enjoyed the article about him.