Thursday, May 29, 2008

Need Suggestions - QUICK!!

The end of the school year has really snuck up on me!My daughter is finishing Kindergarten in less than a week!!!
She has been with the same wonderful teachers for the past three years at the Montessori School she attends, and I really want to give them something special. They've worked with her through her 'really into learning' phase, her 'social butterfly' phase, and her current 'trying to focus, really trying' phase, and they've taken it all in stride, helping her and me understand what the best thing to do for her is. I need some suggestions - what can I make - quickly for these great ladies???
The lead teacher is in her 50s, and has 4 kids from college to married, the assistant teacher is in her 30s with a daughter in 2nd or 3rd grade. I know I've seen some great things out there in blogland, so point me to your favorites!
Please! Hurry!


SewAmy said...

We did the embroidered picture that my son drew. then made the pillow out of it.

I have also made a little wall hanging with all of the childrens hand prints on it. That was last year.

Natalie said...

Ugh... I am totally stumped.
Wait, what am I doing here? I'm supposed to be cleaning!!

John said...

There's an adorable little drawstring bag in Amy Butler's "In Town Bags" pattern -- it's really quick and only uses 3 fat quarters (I think). It's unique and it's my wife's "go to" project for quick gifts. Good luck!

Em said...

Amy - yours was the idea I had in mind, but I don't know if I have time to do it now! UHG!
John - I'll have to take a look at those drawstring bags!

Mollieb said...

Em, As a former preschool teacher I suggest you don't give her stuff that says teacher on it and you give her something she can use not something she needs to have sitting around. Teachers get so much of that stuff and they just don't have anywhere to put the stuff. The things I got that I still have and use are a pot holder hat has a drawing on it, a dish towels with hand prints and the child's name, A silver charm with my initals on one side and Love, Heath and the year on he other side, and several Christmas ornaments. I would have loved something like the bag John suggested or an apron. Let meknow what you decide!!!

Paige said...

Em, what about a quick denim apron? That's what I made for my daughter's teacher. It was quick to whip up and I figure that in a room full of 25 1st grader and paint it should come in handy! Lucy has the tutorial on her blog. You could easily make three in a night and they could be as individual as the teachers themselves.