Thursday, June 12, 2008

Seeing the Sixth star!

Here's Star #6 from Amandajean's Seeing Stars quiltalong: I think it will fit in well with my others. I'm going to have to use another 'medium' colored fabric for the rest... I don't have any more of that lovely pink batik!
Or I might look for more at the local fabric shop tomorrow....hmm...They're having a 40%off sale too... I think that's where I got it in the first place... it's a good excuse to go look anyway!


Paige said...

There are a few places having fabric sales around here, too. It is taking SO much self control to not go look until I have time for projects! Lucky you, you have an EXCUSE! :) Do you think I can buy my hubby fabric for Father's Day?

SewAmy said...

you are doing so good with your blocks.

RobinE said...

Gorgeous! I love those pinks (I hope you find more of that batik-- it is so pretty!). Nice work.