Sunday, June 1, 2008

We have a winner!

Wow, thanks everyone for entering my first ever giveaway! It was fun to see how many comments there were and to 'meet' new people! I assigned each of the commentors numbers based on how many entries each person had, and used a random number generator to pick the number!

The lucky winner with number 16, is Frank! Wow - Frank, you've got to let me know what you would like! I will email you, and then get back with me when it's convenient for you - I know you're very busy right now.

Thank you again everyone for helping me celebrate my 100th blog post! I have really enjoyed meeting other 'bloggers' and joining this remarkable community of people. It has been so much fun!


SewAmy said...

off of topic....where did you get your sign about cloth diapers? I'd like to add that to my page.

Natalie said...

Frank. Frank you lucky, lucky winner.
Even though I have the pattern for the Emmeline Apron, I was still holding my breath, hoping I could skip the arduous labor of making it myself! lol
The blog community is great fun and your celebration made it more so!