Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wow!!! Block 5 done!

Yep - I did it... two blocks finished on the same day! And block #5 no less! It was a doozy, but mostly because you have to sew together the parts on the bias edge... and that makes the fabric move around way too much (for my tastes anyway). Well... here it is in all of it's glory: Of course it's not perfect... it will fit in perfectly though with the rest of my imperfect blocks!

Can you find the real dog in this picture? Can you find the real doll in this picture? Just kidding! Buster is enjoying playing with the kids, but he's definitely attached to me. He is learning where he's allowed to be during dinnertime (not under the table!), and that getting a brushing isn't torture, I brush him twice a day. He's really a great little dog, and even though he looks just like Dorothy's little Toto, I will NOT be carting him around in a basket on my bike! We go on nightly brisk walks which range in distance from 3/4 mile and up. It's fun for him, and I like getting the exercise. He loved riding in the car to pick Taylor Anne up from school... he's a traveller for sure! He's such a good dog for our family, I can't wait to take him camping with us!


Katherine said...

I love the fabrics you using for your blocks - they look great!
You've inspired me to get off the computer and go get sewing on Blocks #4 & #5!

Patchwork Penguin said...

HI Em,

You have a wonderful blog. I just approved you for the Mid-Atlantic web ring. Welcome!!


amandajean said...

yes, block 5 is pretty touchy. it looks great though! it's going to be one pretty quilt.

runninggal said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!! Hey, I tour around the country with
and will be in Hendersonville, NC on July 13th - free concert. Kids love it too. High energh, fast, celtic, bluegrass, fiddle rock! I play piano.

Awesome job quilting! I have vowed to finish my king quilt - at least the quilting of it before summer. Thankfully, it's still cold so I can trick myself into thinking it's not summer so that buys me a few more days!

Jolene said...

Your block looks great. I have heard that #5 is a bit difficult and am dreading doing it.

Niki said...

Love them!