Sunday, July 20, 2008

A blog award - for me?

Natalie of Chickenblog had given me a blog award! Thank you Natalie!

I have to admit, I haven't been blogging much recently - I've been really busy with the normal stuff (kids have been watercolor painting), and the abnormal stuff (namely chicken petitioning) I haven't been sleeping well this past week - I think it's because I am constantly thinking about what I 'should' say, or what I 'need' to do the next day. Or I have an idea, and it keeps running through my head until I get up and write it down, or do something about it. Crazy - I know!
Taylor Anne will be starting school again soon, and I hope to get back into the 'crafty' swing of things. Here's a list of things I want to be doing soon:
* catch up with Amandajean's Star quilt along
*knit some dishcloths for some really helpful friends
*make a few new fabric books (one or two for gifts)
*make myself a cool shirt from the fabric my mom got for me
*put some ideas together for our brownie troop (starting GS up again soon!)
I'm going to pass along this great award to 5 really great folks:
Frank - his blog has been a wonderful read for a long while, I love seeing pictures of his son!
AmandaJean - this woman blows my mind with her quilting talent and willingness to share!
Breanna - Her family is so loving, giving, and entertaining! I love reading about her gardens and chickens!
Meg - She's going to be having a lot of new things on her blog soon, since she's just made a BIG move from Mexico to the US (good ol'NC actually!)
Jenny - This one is SO busy, but she's got such a fun blog! Check out her knitting adventures and her adorable children!


Jenny said...

Thank you so much for my award, Em! Wow, you have really made me feel good about my blog - I'm glad it entertains you! Especially since you are such a busy mom and still find time to do all that you do.


Ellington Family said...

Hi there:
Thank you so much for the comments you left on my blog. I wanted to contact you before but I do not have much break these days. As you know I have a one month old and a 17 months old that keeps me real busy. Also, I would like to write more on my blog but we only can post pics and videos for the grandparents. Let's keep in touch through the blog.

Egghead said...

Wow you are one busy lady. But summers are like that so enjoy. Winter will soon be here before we know it.

Breanna said...

Thanks for the award :)

I hope the petitioning is going well, and that you are sleeping better. I recently went through a bout of insomnia. It made me pretty grumpy.

I haven't done anything crafty in way too long, but have started fingering the fabric you sent. Hopefully I'll feel inspired soon!

Tipper said...

Congrats to you and the others!! Hope you get some rest soon.

bumblebeebags said...

you deserve it...enjoy!