Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Busy, busy, busy

Finally - Pictures of the two Emmeline Aprons I just made! I made a few adjustments to the pattern when I made Frank's, hopefully it will fit him well. I also changed both of them so they don't tie behind the neck, but are smooth on the neck and secured by D-rings on one side. I love how they turned out!
Here's my Dear husband, Mike, in the Emmeline Apron I made for Frank - I had to twist his arm to get him to 'pose' for a few pictures in it - he likes to exaggerate things sometimes! He's a little skinnier than Frank, but I thought it would be better to put it on him to model rather than myself!
It's got a blue/green batik on one side,
and a Tye-dye batik on the other side. I hope Frank will love it!

Here I am in the one I made for myself - it's the same fabrics, I just put a pocket on the rainbowy side for me. I like having my cell phone handy, and thought a pocket would be nice. I am so squinty in this picture, because it was so bright outside when we took these pictures this morning.

Yesterday I was SO busy! Here's what I was up to:

Can you tell?

I was chain stitching a bunch of little squares and bigger squares, into these pieces which I'll finish up today! (Here's my one-day progress as of 10pm last night!) All I have to do is sew these rows together to make the setting blocks for the Seeing Stars quilt! I'll post a better picture when I'm done. The colors in this fabric are wonderful, I think I may have to get more so I can make a skirt for Taylor Anne out of it too!

Check back later today for finished blocks, and some pictures from our trip to the park today! (it was only 75 degrees at 11:00am this morning!!!)


FabricMom said...

Hubby shows off the aprons very well.

SewAmy said...

your husband did a great job modeling. the aprons look great. Love the tye-dye. And your fabric in your stars quilt is to die for.

Needled Mom said...

Hubby looks like he is enjoying that modeling job a little too much. I doubt that I could get mine to do it for a photo.

Great looking quilting project there. Looks like you had fun all around.

Urban Hayseed said...

Em! Thanks for stopping by today! Yes, indeed, your husband appears to qualify for the "sensitive male" club in that picture. It's not so much the apron as the fruity pose. Better than scowling, I guess.

About flowers... fact is, coming from a vegetable gardening background, I have to keep checking flowers to see what happens when you bring them in. Poppies, it turns out, just barely make it to the door before disintegrating. OK, note to self.

I'm always sort of amazed how I never stop learning about gardening. It seems like there's 1,000,000 things to know, and you have to learn them one at a time... and you only get a few each season.

Purple and Paisley said...

the pics of your husband in the aprons are a riot...he's a good sport! =)

Angela said...

OK - that's hysterical! And I doubt there was arm twisting... I seem to remember a series of TEC skits...

Lots of love and Happy Anniversary to you!

Kristi said...

I love the aprons!! I'm trying to make a Domestic Diva apron (from a kit) and it's all cut out...I'm just scared to try to put it together since I've never done anything like this before! :)

nancygrayce said...

I love the aprons! Especially yours with the pocket. Do you make them to sell? Because I would be interested in buying one. Maybe more. :) I came over from needled mom's blog.

bumblebeebags said...

i cannot wait to see your quilt finished....and tell hubby that
"americas next top model" is calling

Frank said...

Hi Em!

My email is down so I had to figure out a way to let you know your apron arrived. It is GORGEOUS! The fabrics are beautiful, the craftswomanship is amazing! Just beautiful.

Now I just have to work on filling in the gathered upper area of the apron as it just hangs limp on me... ;o)

Thanks SO much!