Thursday, July 31, 2008

My new favorite thing....

I have never tried to carve a stamp before, but apparently it's the 'norm' to have a hand-carved unique stamp for your letterboxing team. I didn't want to have some cheapo store-bought stamp representing my team! Well, my family is my team, so I designed a stamp based on one of our treasured wedding presents. The gift is a matted and framed image of a house made from the letters in our names (Mike and Emily). It's a really cool gift, and I thought I would use the same idea for our stamp, except I used only the first letters (M, E, T, A) in our family's names. Wow - I just noticed that those letters spell 'TEAM'!!! Wow... interesting! (of course they could also spell 'meat' or 'mate'... hmm...)

Here's my initial drawing:

I then had to reverse it and transfer the image to a stamping block. I decided to use a linoleum block instead of rubber because it already had the wood backing attached and I didn't want to deal with gluing rubber to wood. Here it is all carved out... there's already some ink on it because I couldn't wait to try it out!

And here's what the stamp looks like. I put a heart in the middle of the house because our house is full of love... sorry - a bit cheesy, I know.....

That's all the craftiness I've been up to this week... well actually, I'm still knitting a gift for some friends... they may read this so I don't want to post a picture until they receive the gift. I've been knitting or reading in the painfully slow carpool line this week at Taylor Anne's school. Here's what I'm reading: I wish I had read it maybe 10 years ago! Oh - wait - it was just published last year! Doh! I've been a fan of Barbara Kingsolver's for years... (The Bean Trees, Animal Dreams) how did I miss this one when it came out?

I've been so busy with this chicken saga stuff... I was interviewed yesterday, and photographed today for an article in the Raleigh News and Observer. The article will be in the North Raleigh News section on August 8th. I hope the article will paint a positive light on our issue. I also visited Town Hall and talked with the Town Clerk about getting on the agenda for the Commissioner's meeting August 19th. Apparently I have to send her a 'letter'. So I wrote that today, and will hand-deliver it tomorrow along with a packet of information for each of the commissioners to review. If you want to read more about my ordeal to have chickens, follow the link above or on the sidebar.
I love reading the comments all of you leave here, and sometimes I don't recognize the person who left them. So I go and check out that person's blog... well I just saw this (again) on Amy's blog and it had me laughing out loud (again) and grinning from ear to ear (it was my 2nd time seeing it - but it's been a few months). Mike came in and I had to show it to him... I'm not sure he 'got' it. I think this is my new theme song too, Amy! So, I leave you all today with:
The Mom Song:


Breanna said...

What an awesome stamp. Great job!! I love Animal, Vegetable, Miracle- it has definitely changed the way we eat.

Good luck with your chicken saga. I'm still rooting for you.

Tipper said...

Wow what a neat stamp! I've always wanted to try carving one but haven't.

I'm glad your still on the chicken track! I think its just great that your going to the meeting.

Needled Mom said...

Great stamp! It turned out so well.

Best of luck on the chicken escapade.

Egghead said...

That stamp is the cutest thing. I absolutely love it. I also love that mom song. I had heard it before and it still makes me laugh.

amy - directionally challenged said...

Thanks for visitng my blog! I am so glad that you enjoyed the "mom song" too!!!

Love the stamp (and your blog).

Take care,