Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Seeing Stars Setting blocks

They're all done... and they look like this:

I had hoped to show you a computerized image of the blocks I have done so far and the setting blocks all together in the layout, but I took the pictures without the card in my camera. (DOH!) So, the photos are stuck in the internal memory of my camera until I can find the wire to connect it to my computer... or take the pictures all over again... just depends on how frustrated I get looking for the wire tomorrow!


Tipper said...

Its looking beautiful!! And I love the pictures of your hubby in the apron. Very funny!!

SewAmy said...

I am jealous you have your setting blocks done and they look great.

The fish pattern is "under the sea" by Melly & Me. And the very cute turtle fabric came from the quilt shop I work at. I don't know the name , but when I am at work tomorrow, I check to see who makes it. :o)

Katherine said...

Your setting blocks look great, Em. Are you getting excited with how close we're getting to finishing the quilt along? I hope it works out so that you can post photos of all the blocks together. I love seeing works in progress!

Happy sewing!

Katherine said...

Happy July 4th, Em!

Adrienne said...

I am so impressed you can quilt ... I'm too afraid! I'd probably wear out somewhere in the middle - long before I was close to finising!