Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Our latest adventures - no craftiness...sorry!

Off on another Letterboxing adventure!
This one was also in Wake Forest, but we didn't walk to it, as it was very hot and we were letterboxing in the early afternoon. This one brought us to a nice historical location in Wake Forest, and it was lovely.
Here are kids, trying to follow the 'red brick pathway' in the directions.

We had to visit a beautiful shady garden and there was a really great millstone fountain in it. This type of fountain is wonderful for public gardens and parks, because you don't have to worry too much about children drowning in it! We had a hard time getting Anderson to come with us on the rest of our adventure - he just wanted to stay and play in the water!

C'mon Anderson!!! Let's Go! Look at the lovely garden under these giant oak trees.
This is an old well that was used for water at the old Wake Forest College Birthplace. I think it usually has some water in it, but we couldn't tell for sure. It was dry the day we visited.

We got to witness a Cicada emerging from it's shell. It kept shaking violently and just barely eeking out of the skin. We didn't stay the whole time, it was taking forever to get out.

After we found the letterbox and 'stamped up', we relaxed a little in the beautiful gardens at the site. It was a really nice day, and a great place to have a letterbox hidden.

Last night, we went to "National Night Out" at the local Target parking lot. We met with McGruff the crime dog, and saw a lot of emergency equipment. The Girl Scouts were there with a recruiting booth, and we were able to climb into an army helicopter!

Anderson gives McGruff Five!

Taylor Anne was proud to show off her Girl Scout Sticker. She loves being in the Girl Scouts! Isn't she a poser? She cracks me up with the way she 'strikes a pose' whenever I take a picture!

The Army helicopter was really cool to see, and Anderson and Taylor Anne loved climbing up in it! Anderson was sure he could figure out how to start it... but he was told by the soldier not to turn any knobs! Luckily, he assured us that the battery was disconnected, so he couldn't do much damage!


Needled Mom said...

What wonderful experiences you are providing for the children. It sounds like such fun.

Tipper said...

The letterbox thing sounds so neat!

SewAmy said...

I letterboxed one time. It was fun. I love how you made your own stamp.

Jenny said...

Hey there - we saw McGruff last night too! I was our Community Night Out. Our police squad is going retro and has new cars that are black and white and look just like the police cars from the 50s. Pretty cool. No helicopter this year though as they had to go out on some drug mission.


Egghead said...

Looks like a fun day....I bet the kids loved that helicopter. I always wanted to learn to fly one.

Rocketgirl said...

What a LOVELY place you live in - and what I love is that you guys enjoy it to the fullest. And then you post the pictures, woo:)