Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Here's a little something for all of my readers who are wondering "what happened to the crafty blog?" - I'm sorry! I promise to you that I will be showing more creations soon! I really want to get a couple of Christmas presents made this year, and I would LOVE to get the seeing stars quilt top put together very soon! I've just been swamped with too much other stuff lately to do crafty things... but here's something I just finished up:
This is a dishcloth from one of the yahoo groups I belong to, they send out two patterns each month for dishcloths, one that's fairly easy, and another one that's a bit more challenging - I have yet to try one of their challenging ones, but I love the more simple designs. This one is a Redbud leaf - it's really done in a bright orange, for fall, but I think I may do several in different 'fall' colors!
On another note, here's the old guinea pig cage we're going to use as a brooder box (with some modifications - heat lamp, cardboard walls around it, feeder and waterer inside) once we get our chicks - that's next week!!! The chicks will be living temporarily under my sewing table in the basement, so I'll be able to keep a good eye on them while they're little. I hope they won't mind some cutting and stitching noises!
Oh - I was in the Raleigh N&O check out the link:

Now, I need to go fold some laundry - it never ends!


Egghead said...

Very cool dish cloth. I am in awe that you can do this. I know the chicks will love the sound of the sewing machine. Don't go making little jackets for them now.

Val said...

HI Em,
I just read your story in the North Raleigh News. Very cool!

Natalie said...

Love the dishcloth... project I'd like to give a try.
And I love the chicky anticipation!

Lynn said...

Hey - I saw the article - congratulations again. I don't think Cary will ever relax it's rule - Wake Forest is certainly progressive!

tipper said...

Love the dishcloth-is it crotchet? Granny would love to make one like that if it is.

Congrats on the making the paper!!