Saturday, September 20, 2008

It was talk like a pirate day yesterday... what?

Ok, I'm not a huge pirate-talking person... in fact I can say "Argggg!" and that's about it "matey's"... but some of my blog-friends are pirate-lubbers, and here's a post that caught my eye this morning. This post came from Natalie, over at chickenblog.

Friday, September 19, 2008
The Real Pirates
The United States of America is a socialist country, and it wasn't a revolution that led us in to this uncapitalist era. Welcome to the biggest bailout season of all time, and be sure to thank these evil, dark lords of piracy and plundering. They are the villains of this new age, and we have them to thank for being swindled and cheated. They are the CEOs of the big banks, and mortgage companies, the ones we are saving from natural selection, by paying off all of their "bad debt." "Sub-prime crisis" and "bad debt" are the terms they toss around, so that it sounds as though this whole debacle is the fault of families with risky credit, instead of companies with ruthless and unethical lending practices. They say "We're all homeowners now," and it makes me want to retch. We played by the rules. We saved and waited and behaved responsibly, and now they tell us that we are going to rescue the institutions that send away their CEOs with "$7,000,000 for 3 months work..." or how about "$68,000,000 to Charles Prince, after a 57% drop in quarterly earnings just before he left Citicorp?" I am too angry... it's painful. Isn't piracy a hanging offense?

I don't understand how ANY American who is NOT making in the millions of dollars a year category can defend or explain away the crisis we're in. The situation of our economy and our tax dollars being used to 'rescue' or 'shore-up' these huge corporations is revolting. Average Americans all over the country are suffering, struggling to take their kids to school, drive to work, and buy groceries (because of our dependence on gas and oil), and these folks who make tons of money (an amount not even fathomable in my mind) get a severance package when they run their corporation into the ground... then WE, the TAXPAYERS bail out their company, and say that it's a good thing for our economy. We need to stop these corporations from getting so huge, we need to somehow keep them from controlling our government and taking our money - money that should be used for public purposes - roads, bridges, health care, social security, environmental and agricultural research... things that will help our country as a whole... not just make sure that a few of the ultra-rich don't feel depressed about having to drive themselves to work everyday instead of having a 'car service' do it...

OK, so I'm rambling... sorry. Too bad this can't be fixed by signing a petition and getting some town commissioner's to vote...


Val said...

Ouch. That was the sting of the real world. I

t sucks, but don't lose your vision and idealism. Changing your community - one step at a time - the way you did with your chicken saga,THAT is the way the world will be changed.

It is imperative that we begin to change our communities, with the hope that changing our communities will evolve into changing the
state, will evolve into changing the nation, will evolve into changing the world.

And if not, then hey, you have AT MINIMUM bettered the lives of those whom you live near. No one can deny you that!

Blue Yonder said...

Amen, sister! Well said.

J & J Acres said...

I agree!! It doesn't make sense. Sending CEOs out with millions of dollars so that the person making minimum wage and flipping burgers can bail out their company? Argh. It angers me just thinking about it!!

Jenny said...