Sunday, September 28, 2008

Weekend Wordle

Have you heard of a wordle? I just saw one on Breanna's "Graceful Designs" blog. She does a good job explaining it. This is my 'Wordle' Creation... This is just the thumbnail view, but if you click on it you can see it bigger... Check it out and make your own - fun... cool... interesting... I like it.

This weekend we squeezed (squoze?) in some visiting time with family out of town... it was really nice to see my Parents, Grandparents, and my Aunt!

Mike and I have been busy this weekend getting ready for the arrival of our chicas. I've got the brooder all ready... I picked up the chick feeder and waterer from a friend who had borrowed them, and I plan to get some chick feed tomorrow from the Tractor Supply Co. We've been working on a chicken ark - like the Catawba Coops one (of course there are some modifications)- It's gonna be really cute when we're done with it!!! (tomorrow I hope - then I can paint/stain it!) Here are a couple of pix of the work in progress:

Just getting started! Bare Bones!

Here are the kids testing out the ramp area in the coop - Yes... Anderson is only wearing a diaper... his neon orange one - so we get 'extra' cool points!

OH!!! I almost forgot -while we were visiting in G'boro, we went to the Farmer's Market (I LOVE farmer's markets!!!). I bought some apples and made applesauce when we got home. I got 6+ pints of chunky applesauce from 6lbs of apples. I added just a tiny bit of sugar, and a pinch of cinnamon to give it a little bit of a kick. I think it's going to be wonderful.! Here's Mike (well, his fingers anyway) being a goofball with the canned pints while they're cooling on the counter! I hope we can find a local place to get apples so I can make more (Anderson will go through these in less than 2 months)... from what I've heard they're mostly picked clean already! ARG!!!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!


Egghead said...

The structure is coming along and your applesauce looks yummy. This year the apple trees don't seem to be as productive as in the past.

Libby said...

*mmmm* applesauce *s* I'm hoping for a good bag of apples to come in my CSA delivery tomorrow. I want to build my stash of applesauce for winter. Congrats on the chicken triumph.

Jenny said...

Wow, Em! I am SO excited for you! I feel like I'm building that coop with you. Wow, chickens bring back such good memories of my grandparent's farm. I loved going to the hen house to gather warm eggs. My first kitten was born in an empty roost and my grandpa convinced my mom to let me have one (we had her for 19 years!). Thanks so much for keeping us all updated.

I only wish I could hang out with you today to enjoy some of your fun!

Lynn said...

You certainly are getting close to
being a chicken mama. The applesauce looks good - I'm going to do applebutter here soon.

tipper said...

Neat wordle-love the picture of the kids-so cute.