Monday, October 13, 2008

Little girls grow up so fast!

Bet you can't guess who lost their first tooth this week??? Of course she had thought she would lose it when she turned 5, and that whole year she would ask me "Mama, why haven't I lost a tooth yet, I'm 5 now and *Haley/Courtney/Noah/Corbin/Tre* has already lost some teeth!" I just kept telling her that she would lose one when her bigger teeth were ready to come in... and lookie what happened: Taylor Anne shows her tooth to Anderson, who is completely intrigued. She then put it in the special tooth pillow for the tooth fairy... (she got a gold dollar coin, btw)
The girl likes to pose... on her John Deere bike...

Since she has been out of school for two weeks, I thought for sure she would be daring and pick out lots of different clothes to wear while she didn't have to wear her school uniform... well, here's what she wore one day last week... white shirt, navy skort, with the addition of blue stripy tights - and she looked in the mirror and said "Oh, I look perfect!" just before she jetted out the door, notebook and colored pencil case in hand, to draw some pictures of her new pets.

She sat out there for a good 40-45 minutes drawing pictures of chickens in her notebook and talking to the chicas.

Then comes the weekend - We went to G'boro to visit with my Parents and my Sister and Neice who were also in town visiting. The kids played in my parent's backyard for hours, at one point, I got out the camera - "Say Cheese", I said. Here's the result: (something weird happened - so click on the box with the x in it to see the picture)

RZA9M/s320/2008+October+017.jpg" border=0> My Neice Maddox wanted to try out the tricycle since Anderson was riding it all over... she sat on it a little bit and let us push her around - that was fun. Then she was ready to go exploring.

Lets see.... Mommy said the sandbox isn't for babies - so I think I need to try it out! I think it's over here somewhere...
Yep - here it is - my cousins seem to have a blast in this thing... ooh there are other toys in here too! Maybe I can sneak a little bit of time in here!
It seems like yesterday Taylor Anne was just toddling around and we were trying to keep her out of the pond... Grammy and Gramps didn't have a sandbox yet... They just grow up so darn fast don't they?


tipper said...

Such sweet girls! And yay for the first tooth!

Anonymous said...

Hi Emily-- Thanks for the pictures-we don't get to see Maddox as much as we'd like to and depend on you and Mary to keep us updated!

JaclynJohnson said...

Yay for TA! That's awesome news!

Holly said...

Too cute. Josh hasn't lost a tooth yet. I am anxiously awaiting it. They do grow up too fast. Andrew is almost 6 months old. Where has the time gone?