Friday, October 10, 2008

Some other cuties!

Thanks to a friend, I also have some other kinds of chickens too, I haven't gotten good pictures of them yet, but here are some cute little chicks he gave me - just so we could have the experience of raising them! They're so sweet - and they grow so fast! These little Serama chicks love to cuddle in the feather duster!
Check out this video of the Serama chicks - the smaller one is about 2 inches long, the other one is 4 days older! See what a difference! Note how wobbly the little one is, and how steady the older one is... now (a whole 2 days later), they're both quite steady and really fun to watch!


Linnea said...

I am so jealous of all of your lovely chickens. I would SO love to be able to have some. One day, one day!
They are all so cute!

Jenny said...

Oh, wow. It's been a while since I checked your blog. What cuties! It makes me want to snuggle. I always loved it when my grandma would get new chicks. She would let me hold a couple when they were new.

Thanks for keeping us posted!