Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I'm 32 now!

Whew - I can't believe it - yesterday was my birthday! I'm now 32 years old... when I think of someone who is 32... I certainly don't picture myself! I'm sure that's how everyone is, oh well. My kids and husband got me a great - and very thoughtful - gift for my birthday. An electric blanket!!! They actually gave it to me the night before because they wanted me to be able to put it to use right away. It is wonderful! I love being able to get into a bed that is nice and toasty! My kids like it too, and want to read in my bed before going to sleep now! We'll see how long that lasts. Taylor Anne has already asked for one for her bed.
This week has been pretty busy for us already - we've had some visitors in the house. My sister and her family made our house 'base camp' for their visit with her husband's family, so Mary, Marshall, and Maddox have graced us with their presence in the mornings and I got a few snapshots of their visit. (we will see them more over Thanksgiving with our side of the family!)
Here's my niece, Maddox - she's 14 months old.
I made cinnamon buns one morning - a special treat!
Taylor Anne was a little 'miffed' that her cousin wasn't hanging out with her all day (the nerve!), so I let her do a special craft while Anderson was napping on Sunday, and her cousin was with her 'other' family.

She really enjoyed making Christmas ornament crafts... they will probably become presents for some special people when Christmas rolls around!

Today was the beginning of the Thanksgiving break for my daughter, so she was at home with Anderson and me all day. I thought it would be fun to make some 'hand turkeys'... you know... those things we all made in Kindergarten or First Grade where you trace your hand and make a turkey out of it? Well here are a few pics of that project - it was fun!

I hope everyone out there in blog-land has a wonderful Turkey Day!!!


betsy said...

Thank you so much for the pics and update! (I told you I check all the time!!)

Love you so much!
Aunt Betsy

Dana said...

Happy belated birthday!

Leslie said...

happy birthday!!

Jenny said...

Happy birthday, Em! Thirty two isn't so bad...

Breanna said...

Happy belated birthday!