Monday, December 8, 2008

Comments moderated

Some of you may have noticed that I have changed the comments to moderated... I had someone leaving some crazy advertisements for a male enhancement drug starting with a 'V' on several of my postings - so I had to change things a little. I didn't realize that I wouldn't get a notice about the comments that needed to be approved, so I just happened to notice today that there were 11 comments that had to be approved! Oops! I just thought no one had anything to say about my posts recently. I know I haven't been posting often, and it hasn't been crafty stuff... but I was a little surprised that there didn't seem to be ANYONE reading my blog - Ha Ha! Anyway - I'm relieved to see that I was wrong! Thank you for being there - even though I didn't realise it!

Lately, I've been hanging out at home either with a cold, or a child with a cold... unfortunately my son has RSV - don't worry - it's not really that big a deal. He's old enough to handle it, it just means that he's had a cough for about 3 weeks and it could continue for another 2 or so... I've got it too and it's also known as Bronchialitis. Apparently everyone in the state is battling with it from the sounds of it at my pediatrician's office. It's pretty much just a bad cold... and quite annoying. Not really too dangerous unless your an infant, or elderly, or otherwise unable to fight the bug off.

So... as I said, I've been hanging out at home... with my new books, and my knitting! I'm reading the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer - it's great so far! I got the series from my Sister for my Birthday, and I'm on the 4th book... it's been taking my time away from knitting... but that's OK! I've really enjoyed the books, I'm not sure I'll go see the movie though - I'm not really fond of that actor they picked to play Edward, but he might grow on me. Anyone have an opinion on it?

Here's what I've been knitting: It will eventually be a scarf... I'm not sure if it's gonna be a present for someone, or if I'll keep it. The pattern is Lion Brand's Meandering Rib Scarf. I'm actually knitting it in an unknown yarn - I'm not sure what material the yarn is - I think it's a wool blend. Anyway... here's a photo! I haven't gotten far on this because I've been reading when I get a free minute, but I really like the pattern so far.
We got our Christmas tree put up yesterday - I'll post some pictures of that soon hopefully! Christmas is really sneaking up on me this year - I'm sure it will turn out fine, but I know there won't be as many hand-made gifts this year as in years past... some folks in my family may be happy about that!


Breanna said...

I hope you all feel better soon! I love the color of your scarf, it is so pretty.

I know what you mean about some family not appreciating the hand made gift thing- I am making flannel reusable hankies for people this year, among other things, and I am sure I will get a lot of groans when they are distributed :) I'll have to throw in some cookies or chocolate too to keep them loving me.

Val said...

"I know there won't be as many hand-made gifts this year as in years past... some folks in my family may be happy about that!"

I know what you mean, but I'm inclined to agree with good 'ol Ralph on this one:
"The ONLY gift is a portion of thyself."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Dave Leone said...

Somewhere in Blogger you can set it to email you when you get a comment.