Sunday, December 14, 2008

Playing Catch-up...

Some random photos from the last week or so....

The kids have been building lots of castles/towers in the living room... good practice for cleaning up when they're done, as we can NOT have these all over the floor all the time!

Our chicas have been loving foraging in our back yard. They're so cute when we let them out - they run all over the place and then finally settle down pecking at any bugs or leaves or whatever they want. They're so much fun to watch, I can't wait until it's warmer out and we can all spend more time outside with the chicas!

Did you know Christmas is coming? Yikes!
We decided we would put our tree up this year -yes it's fake... It's the perfect size for us and I like it!

Anderson really got into the decorating - although he put all of the ornaments in little section of the tree... it was really cute.

Taylor Anne took a lot of time to consider where she placed each ornament. She also has been spending quite a bit of time talking to/making up stories for several ornaments over the week.

This was the best photo I could get with these two - they're so silly!

See what I mean... Silly!


maya said...

I love that little huggie picture of the two. There's nothing l ike watching siblings, is there?

tipper said...

Pretty tree-and so the pic of them both is sooo cute!

holly said...

Your children are adorable. I bet they are getting very anxious for Christmas. Happy Holidays.