Friday, January 2, 2009

Merry Christmas Everyone (late as usual)

Merry Christmas Everyone!
Here's a montage of our Christmas happenings this year.
Taylor Anne and Anderson made a castle/tower with things they found in my parent's pantry.

On Christmas Eve, Anderson and Valerie had fun playing with puzzles.

Ilana and Maddox - pretty girlies!

My Grandmother, Audrey (Babci) loves watching the kids play, and 'Muffin' is at her side, of course!

We went to the Christmas Eve Shout service at First Lutheran - it was wonderful to be there again. Taylor Anne and Anderson really tried to sit still.

This one was taken AFTER the service!

Taylor Anne and Addi, who was visiting from Russia! Her family is living there while her Daddy is in school studying Russian! They had never met before, but I know Addi's Mom (and Grandmom) from Youth Group, and it was nice to see them here again!

Mary and Maddox!

Once we got home it was bedtime for the kiddos, Taylor Anne insisted on sleeping in her sleeping bag (an early Christmas present) on the fold out cot. I'm sure she was burning up in there - WITH Pajamas on (a rarity!)

Anderson was sleeping in the bed upside down, with a pillow as his blanket and the blanket as his pillow... weird kids, huh?

Christmas Morning... FUN-FUN-FUN!

Anderson really loved his tool set!
Maddox had to check out her new papasan chair!

Anderson thought he could use the tool set to help build the Thomas Train Set Santa brought!

Taylor Anne loved the pony set, and was really excited to see Moon Sand (one of the very FEW things she asked for!)

Maddox also loved playing with her Little People Zoo Playset and babydoll that Santa brought for her!
More to come...

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Lynn said...

Happy New Year! Your Christmas looked wonderful - full of family and fun. How lucky you are - cookie day is such a wonderful tradition.