Friday, January 16, 2009

Still Egg-static!!!!

So ... Now we have gotten 4 eggs from our Chicas!
One each on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday!!! Woo Hoo...
Here they all are... it's hard to see the size, so I thought I would take some pictures comparing each egg to a quarter so you could see the true size. I think it's interesting to see the differences in size and shape.

Here are all 4 of our first eggs together.

Monday's egg (1/12/09)

Wednesday's Egg (1/14/09) This one was a bit bloody - which is normal for 'first' eggs. Obviously there is some stretching of the oviduct involved.

Thursday's Egg (1/15/09)

Friday's Egg (1/16/09)
Here are all four eggs in order with a quarter.
Here are the eggs, still in order, from the end, you can see the varying sizes... I wonder if that last one (Friday's egg) was layed by a different chica?


Erica said...

How cute! I'm not sure if you knew this, but if you want to hard boil fresh eggs without the shells sticking, I add a little vinegar to the boiling water, and baking soda to the cooling down water!! It seems to work pretty good!

Jenny said...

These are beautiful!

Leslie said...

what tiny eggs, i would love to have chickens someday