Monday, January 12, 2009

You have NO idea....


I walked out to the new chicken pen/coop this afternoon around 1:30pm... the Chicas had knocked their waterer over. As I got up to the pen gate, I noticed something special sitting in the middle of the pen! Our first EGG!!!

Take a look at our new to us/under construction pen (via craigslist) for the Chicas... we just recently got this large doghouse and kennel and are converting it to a chicken pen for the girls. Right now I have a wooden crate on the inside filled with hay for a nest box, and one sitting up on some cinder blocks in the pen. Both have fake eggs in them, hoping that the girls would lay there. I am planning to add some nest boxes to the close side, with access from the outside, and of course we're gonna paint and decorate it. I just hope that once we get the nest boxes in there, the Chicas will use them!

This is how they greet me whenever I go out there... they're all running back and forth at the door, hoping I'll let them out I guess! They like to watch whatever we do out in the yard. Once they've been in this enclosure for a few more weeks, we'll start letting them free range some more again. Miss Betty is the Barred Plymouth Rock (black and white) - Ginger is an Ameracauna, on the right...

This is the inside of the pen... I put down wheat straw yesterday because it was starting to get pretty bare in there, and because of all the rain lately, it was also pretty muddy! Do you see that white speck in the middle of the floor? That's the egg!!! Whoever laid it, must have just not known where to go! The thing on the left is the ramp to the entrance to the coop.
Here's the egg again, on the floor of the pen... it's pretty small... The red hen in this picture is Miss Scarlett - our Rhode Island Red, and in the background to the left, you can see Olivia, our White Crested Blue Polish Bantam.
Don't step on the egg!!! This is one of our Buff Orpington's about to step on the egg while I was taking pictures - she did step right on it, but it didn't break! YAY!
Check it out! It's a small cream colored egg, I think it was layed by one of the Serama or Barred Rock pullets, I don't think it has a yolk either....

Let me introduce you to some of my other Chicas:
This is Cutie Pie, one of our Serama pullets. I think it's possible that she's the one who laid the egg! See how red her comb and waddles are?
This is Olivia a White Crested Blue Polish Bantam pullet, and in the background is one of our Buff Orpington pullets... not sure which one (Miss Priss or Sassy) without looking very closely - they look so much alike!This is Rainbow, our other Serama pullet - She may have laid the egg, but her comb and waddles aren't as bright red as Cutie Pie's are, so I'm not sure. Isn't she pretty?This one is Gray Whitney, she's another Ameracauna, or Easter Egger. She and Ginger will lay blue/green eggs hopefully! I hope you enjoyed meeting my Chicas! I hope they all start laying soon! I want to go out and check again right now!


GreensboroBirds said...

Congratulations! I lurk on the NC Poultry forum and saw your exciting post, so I thought I'd visit your blog and check out your fine photos. My Welsummer has just started doing "the squat," so I'm hoping for eggs soon. Congrats, and that's a fine coop/run you've put together.
Iris @

Jenny said...

Congratulations, Em! Joel and I were just discussing how nice it would be to keep a beehive in our yard. Hmmm... and how nice it would be to have a neighbor who kept hens. Then we could trade!

Anyway, I have to say that TA is SUCH a mugger for the camera. Always with that pretty smile and those gorgeous eyes. Do I see modeling in her future?

Breanna said...

Congratulations! Isn't it exciting? I just love Olivia.