Sunday, February 8, 2009

Before and After... Coop Style

Miss Olivia thought the coop needed to be painted... so I did that yesterday... ! I painted it a nice green with white trim - I even took a lot of the siding off and fixed it! It looked great!
Then, I decided, as I was falling asleep last night, that we actually did need to have the nest boxes somewhere that we could reach them without going INTO the coop... Here's before the coop renovations!
Here's after! Note the new color and trim, and the nice nest box now on the side!

Here's a washed out photo of the nest box(es) - there are actually 3 holes in the wall, and it's divided so 3 hens can sit in there together!

I think it's great, and I feel like I actually accomplished something this weekend!!!! (I LOVE THIS WARM WEATHER!!!)


Natalie said...

Oh! Wow! It's brilliant!
Tasteful, solid and clever... I am very impressed. I love how convenient and tidy it all looks. And I spy a pretty egg all nestled and waiting.

Erica said...

How cute is that! Thanks for sharing. We are going to start our chicken "place" too soon... Hubby drew up plans over the weekend!! I love the little latch to get the eggs out!

tipper said...

Looks all fancied up-and I bet it will be more convenient too~

tipper said...
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Jenny said...

Ooh, that looks much better than my house siding! Very fab. I WAS loving the warm weather, now we are cold again. Are you still staying warm?

Urban Hayseed said...

Hi Em,

Was just reading an old blog post that you left a comment on about hoping to have chickens some day. Looks like you've made some progress there. :-) Good eggs, eh?